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We are part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a national denomination. The term Presbyterian comes from the ancient Greek word for “Elder,” which highlights the way decisions are made in our church. Our congregation is governed by Ruling Elders, who are elected by the congregation to make decisions together and lead our congregation. Our Pastor is technically a Teaching Elder, responsible for teaching and caring for the congregation, while our Ruling Elders govern the church and make decisions for the life of the congregation.
Yes. We mean it when we say “We Welcome All People.” We believe that God has intentionally created us as uniquely gifted and beloved people. We celebrate the way that God’s love is reflected in the love shared in all forms of human relationships. Members in our church have also been active for many years in organizations such as PFLAG, More Light, and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.
We welcome you and look forward to getting to know your family better. Your partner is welcome at any of our church gatherings, whether social, worship, or otherwise, that they would like to attend. They are also welcome to not attend. We welcome those who wish to be here. We embrace and care for all those connected to our church family, regardless of their membership.
We worship intergenerationally. This means that children are welcome throughout the worship service. There is a time specifically for our youth and children following the scripture readings. We also have a Pray Ground with an activity for our elementary aged children during the second part of the service. This activity is always tied to our scripture of the day and intended to help children (and adults who wish to join them) to respond to the scripture. Children and youth are also welcome to participate in worship leadership. Children are welcome to read scripture, lead prayers, sing with the choir (several opportunities through the year), greet people coming in, help collect the offering, and take part in other opportunities as they arise. We hope this will nurture their innate sense of wonder, as they develop a sense of awe and reverence for worship.
Absolutely! Presbyterians welcome all to the Lord’s Table–regardless of your denomination. We earnestly believe that it is the Lord’s table, not ours. Our Savior invites those who trust in him to share in the meal. Our welcome includes all children. We serve grape juice and offer gluten-free bread so that all may truly be welcomed at this table. Communion is served on the First Sunday of each month, as well as on Maundy Thursday.
Ours is a rich tradition of male and female serving as ministers of Word and Sacrament. All may lead in formal roles as ministers, ruling elders and deacons. Ruling elders are elected by the congregation to serve on the Session (the governing board) for three-year terms. Deacons are also elected by the congregation for three years and coordinate caring ministries. Many other roles to make a difference in our community and the world are open to all.

 Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved in the life of our church. Helping with one or more activities or serving on one of our committees is a good way to feel part of the family and/or make new friends..

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You can contribute to the life of First Presbyterian Church financially and/or with your time as a volunteer.
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