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Pandemic Memories

As a way of building our connections during these pandemic times, the Connections Committee asked for members to send in their "Pandemic Memories." Here is what people had to say about what they will remember from these times:

Dave and Bev M.

Been getting together frequently with both of Bev's sisters and their husbands.  Bev said she's cooking way too much.

Really not uncomfortable going to the places we go.  We carry our own hand sanitizers, social distance and wear our masks. We don't go out in large crowds.

Our main entertainment is that we play Yahtzee about two hours a day.

Connie M.

I pick lots of vegetables and gladiolas.  Help Jack garden often too.  Visit outside with friends, so enjoy nice weather, stay a distance apart and wear face masks.  I do Zumba dancing a short time, almost every day.  Fun dancing with friends.  One neighbor dances with me sometimes.  Jack and I enjoy our family get togethers.

Nancy S.

I have been checking with my neighbors to make sure they are doing OK.  I have new neighbors and it has been fun getting to know them.

My daughter and I took a road trip to Readstown, WI to check out a couple of  flea markets.  It was a wonderful day to take a ride.

I have been taking care of the birds and my plants.  Have been a part of FPC choir on Sunday morning.

Nancy F.W. and Jim W.

I began the month of March with what I thought was a bad cold that developed into what was probably just plain old pneumonia.  So, I experienced the ins and outs of “Telemedicine” early on.  Computer surveys, telephone calls and Zoom appointments.  All unsatisfactory in my opinion.  Anyway, I was down and out for a long time.  Covid antibody test was negative.  

Once I began to feel better, I have been baking banana muffins, binge watching “Murdoch Mysteries”, and doing exercise by Zoom-Zumba and Strong Women.  I've also been walking in local parks and neighborhoods and sitting outside with masks and 6' apart with friends from church and elsewhere.  

I've been trying to better inform myself about racism and white privilege and other social issues of the day—reading, watching documentaries and participating in some Zoom based programs.  

I made a driving trip to North Carolina (doctor said no flying for me), and to Door county and we also spent a week up north in a cabin with our daughter and her family who had negative tests for Covid.  

We've been trying to order take-out from local restaurants at least once a week.  Jim and I are also working on decluttering the house with plans to down-size in the next year or so  We miss our kids and grand kids and sometimes visit in driveways.  Not the same but better than nothing.  

Trips to Montana have been canceled.  Thanks to technology we've been able to reach out more often to far flung family and friends and focus on those in ill health or live alone.

Doris G.

The first project was sewing over 90 face masks which helped protect:  NINA (Neighbors in Need of Assistance), VA Hospital volunteers, Senior Center patrons, family, neighbors, and friends.  I continued to make lap and nap quilts for Veterans in the VA Hospital.  Then a daughter and 2 granddaughters requested  queen size quilts made by “Grandma Gerry”.  These 3 'biggies' took a long time and great effort.

I've also read many library books, especially enjoyed novels written by Irene Hannon (a fine Christian author), as well as daily devotions and Bible study.

Neighbors living on Meadow Lane have filled in a social need, as we take out our folding chairs 6 ft. apart in someone's yard, for 1 – 2 hours, about once a week.  Not only that, but whenever someone has the urge to bake 'goodies', these are generously passed along to us neighbors, right to our doors.

I've made more phone calls and written more letters than ever before.  And, even include some days of cleaning too.

Because I don't have a computer, I've taken in Bethel Lutheran Church worship on my TV, but truly enjoyed the  Presbyterian drive in service!

Kathy D.

In the beginning months of Covid, I spent much of my time watching Hallmark movies and mystery serials.  Then when that became too mundane, I started cleaning drawers, shelves, refrigerator and freezer.  That involved tossing outdated food and other things.

After meeting the Tree Ripe truck that comes every year, I shared my peaches and blueberries with family and friends.  Also made a new recipe with blueberries, Mini Blueberry Tarts.

Spent a great amount of time in the kitchen preparing food and sharing with others.

When there was some 'free' time, I was assembling puzzles, finished quite a few thus far.

It was fun learning how to maneuver the Zoom aspect of the computer.  Had a great 90th birthday for my sister on Zoom.  It also was a medium that we used for church meetings and fellowship.

I was amazed at how much I enjoyed watching birds at the feeders and had more time to do this.  Also watched some virtual tours on the Internet, very enjoyable.

I have never been a big book reader.  Well, that has changed and am taking friend suggestions on some titles and getting them from the library.  Been watching the night sky with a neighbor and learning more about our universe.  All in all, has been an educational and entertaining few months.

Karen B.

I have always enjoyed having a beautiful flower garden, and during Covid Times, it was an opportunity to share that space with more neighbors and friends than any other year. Having Backyard Visits became the norm for staying connected. 

Linda C.

When the stay at home order started, it was the end of winter and when you are retired it wasn't much different since you don't go anywhere.

I spent most of my free time reading and working on some quilting projects.

On Scott's birthday, May 9, I started a quilt for him for Christmas.  I worked on it as well as having yard work to do during the summer.  I had done well to get a queen size quilt top done and was preparing batting to layer on it.  They were on my living room floor on August 24, when I went for a walk, fell down, and broke my left arm.  So, since then, I mainly go to the doctor and physical therapy appointments.  At home, I do what I can, do my arm exercises and read.

Thanks to everyone who submitted memories! What will you remember from these times?


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