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Acrostic Poems

On Sunday, Jan. 31st I preached on Psalm 111. This Psalm is written as an acrostic poem, with each line beginning with the next letter in the Hebrew alphabet. This indicates that the Psalm was initially intended to be a teaching tool. Being an acrostic poem would make it easier for people to memorize and learn. Psalm 111 speaks to God's continuous presence and the way that God has supported God's people throughout history. I encouraged members of the church to send in their own acrostic poems that speak to the ways God is present and active in our lives now. Here are some that were sent in to share.

--Pastor Kathleen

Anywhere you live (rural Wisconsin or rural Turkey)
Never alone
Thoughts of comfort
Hopefulness, happiness
Ever in your heart!
Music brings the Love of God.

Hang on!  Hang in there,
Oh, worried Christians on your journey.
Pray on! God’s answer will
Emerge on the road before you.

A new addition...

Answers to prayers- Praise the Lord.
Little miracles- Praise the Lord.
Lessons in patience- Praise the Lord

For all these and more- Praise the Lord oh my soul.

And mine...

Pushing through the fog
Rainbows hover beyond our reach
Another step, another twist, another turn
Into the future
Shimmering on the horizon
Eternal God, ever-present, will guide us there.

If you have a poem to share, please send it in. We will add it to this post.

To watch the worship service from January 31st, CLICK HERE.


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