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Session - The Ruling Elders of the Church

As a Presbyterian Church, most decisions for the congregation are made by our Session, or governing council. The Session is responsible for oversight of church programs, facilities, staff, and budget. Each person elected to serve on Session is ordained as a Ruling Elder. Elders serve for a 3-year term, and may serve for two consecutive terms before a required break of at least one year. We currently have nine Elders serving on Session. Each Elder also serves as liaison or chair of a committee of the church.

Officers Meeting
Elder Committee/Role
Tom Niebauer        Clerk of Session
Mike Fahey   Christian Education
Kathy Danielson    Connections
David Mares    Property
John Mehl    Finance
Wendy Goist Jones    Mission
Marcia McDermid    Personnel
Colleen HaslerProperty
Nancy Nelson        Worship   

Board of Deacons

Coming out of Acts, chapter 6, the role of Deacon is to be a servant who particularly pays attention to those in need of care and compassion. Deacons are elected and ordained into this servant leadership in rotating 3-year terms. Each Deacon has a group of members they keep in touch with, remembering them especially in times of celebration and times of need. Our Deacons make special efforts to connect with members, family and friends – near and far!

Officers Meeting
Dana Ames
Renee Martell - Moderator
Linda Clark
Nancy Cox
Deb Edgren
Doris Gerry
Mark Jozefowicz


 Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved in the life of our church. Helping with one or more activities or serving on one of our committees is a good way to feel part of the family and/or make new friends..

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You can contribute to the life of First Presbyterian Church financially and/or with your time as a volunteer.
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