Session and Deacons

 Session - The Ruling Elders of the Church

The Session of the church is the board of governing members of the congregation, called the church council in some churches.  Each "elder" is elected to a 3-year term, and may serve for two consecutive terms before a required break of at least one year.  Each year, three of the nine elder positions is up for a potential change.  Listed below are the current committee assignments for the elders at First Presbyterian Church:

Committee/Role                       Chairperson

Clerk                                           Tom Niebauer
Christian Education                    Nancy Freeman Wallace
Connections                               Kathy Danielson and David Mares
Finance                                      Mike Fahey
Mission                                       Wendy Goist Jones
Personnel                                   Marcia McDermid
Property                                     Tom Mielke
Worship                                      Nancy Nelson                                                   

Board of Deacons

The Deacons are the members of the church who provide the TLC to the congregation.  Each Deacon has a group of members he/she keeps in touch with, remembering them especially in times of celebration and times of need.  Our Deacons make special efforts to connect with everyone in the congregation!  

Lori Johnson -- Co-Moderator
Mark McDermid -- Co-Moderator
Linda Clark
Nancy Cox
Jake Johnson
Mark Jozefowicz
Rebekah Krenz
Renee Martell
Deb Edgren