Welcome! We are a little church with a big heart. We seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by praising God, caring for one another, and serving our neighbors in our local and global community. We hope you'll come visit us someday!

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Oregon, WI!

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Here at First Presbyterian Church of Oregon, WI, we want you to experience God's abundant love and mercy, and to follow in Christ's footsteps through acts of giving and service. 

Fall Education Hour

October 5:  Children and adults:  Oregon history scavenger hunt and potluck meal to follow!  Come and join a team to drive a few miles around the Oregon area using a map from the 1870's!

October 12:  Adults: Update from Session.
                    Children:   The Ten Commandments

October 19:  Adults:  Food Pantry presentation.
                    Children:  Jesus Feeds 5000 People

October 26:  Adults:  Sermon discussion
                    Children:  The Great Commandment 

Our Education Hour 
The education time will begin 15 minutes after worship at about 11:15AM and go until about noon.  There will be classes/activities for children as well as presentations/activities for the adults!  Some Sundays will be intergenerational activities for all ages.  The focus for the adults will be on faith building, mission, updates from Session, and a variety of special speakers.

Our Friday Bible Study, led by Pastor Joy Bernholdt will resume on Friday, September 5.   It meets at the church at 10AM on the first and third Fridays of each month during the school year in the church h's Session Room near the offices.  This fall Joy will be leading us through an in-depth look at each phrase of the Lord's Prayer.  ALL ARE WELCOME!    Please call the office at 835-3082 for details or for weather cancellation details.

Habitat Build - September 27, 2014
in Brooklyn

On Saturday, September 27, eight members and friends of FPC worked on the Habitat home in Brooklyn.  The day's task was to prep the yard area and then spread two large piles of topsoil across the front, side and back of the house.  Seeding the lawn and also planting several trees and shrubs rounded out the day's work, along with spreading straw to protect the new seed.  The new homeowner Julie was there, too, as well as two volunteers from Hillcrest Bible Church.